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Tractor Abandoned in Active Lane of Traffic Causes Headache for Company

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently reviewed a motor carrier liability claim that Georgia employers should take note of! In Granger v. MST Transp., LLC (A14A0792) (Oct. 15, 2014) the court held that a plaintiff could establish the proximate causation element of a negligence claim against a transportation company when the plaintiff is rear-ended by a third party and pushed into a lane containing a stationary tractor. In doing so, the court specifically held that it was foreseeable as a matter of law that a driver, such as the plaintiff, “may be placed in a position in which it was all but impossible to avoid striking” the stationary tractor. To further discuss this case, please do not hesitate to give the attorneys at Buckley Brown a call! Our #1 priority is your loss prevention!

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