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Practice Areas

Transportation Litigation


Buckley Christopher’s practice includes defense of

motor carriers and truck insurers.  We represent trucking,

paving and grading, and food service companies and their

insurers in accidents occurring in Georgia. Our attorneys are

experienced in handling on-scene investigations, supervising

serious injury investigations, and handling serious injury and

wrongful death cases to completion.  Our firm works with independent adjusters, medical experts, accident reconstructionists and others to assist in the initial investigation of serious losses and vigorously defends lawsuits.  Firm attorneys are uniquely experienced with issues of causation and accident reconstruction, biomechanical issues, medical cause and pre-exisiting issues as well as claims of plaintiff fraud and exaggeration of damages.





Thorough Investigation Leads to Reduced Settlement


A plaintiff trucking company alleged that a national trucking client caused property damage counting into the several million dollars as well as personal injuries to the plaintiff driver.  A detailed review of the driver's workers' compensation claim and claim history as well as materials demonstrating losses at far below those alleged by the plaintiff trucking company resulted in a settlement at less than $25,000.


Surveillance Eliminates Liability


Securing and utilizing surveillance from an adjoining business, BCH attorneys were able to show an accident did not happen as described to police officers on the scene.  The investigating state trooper modified his opinions about the accident based upon this newly secured evidence and thereby absolved the firm's client of fault or claims of excessive speed.


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