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Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation


Commercial litigation, involving disputes concerning

business transactions requires counsel to provide direct

services while remaining sensitive to the need to allow

clients to remain focused on their ongoing business

objective, including preservation of existing relationships

in the marketplace while handling litigation issues.

Our clients have enjoyed success in litigation including victories in complex business arbitrations.





Defense Award in Arbitration


Plaintiff sued his former business partner alleging violation of fiduciary duties related to the sale of a business they co-owned.  Plaintiff sought $4.8 million plus attorneys’ fees.  After a seven day arbitration, BCH secured a defense award as well as an assessment of attorneys’ fees and costs for our client.


Early Investigation Negates Excuse


Our attorneys represented the artist and agent whose designs were used by a large retail interest which refused to pay pursuant to a licensing contract.  The retailer initially took the position that the contract was void because its vice president was not authorized to enter the contract.  Fortunately, BCH lawyers had already located and secured website references to the vice president's hiring and responsibilities.  Made aware that the deleted web pages had already be secured and printed by the firm, the retailer paid all amounts due.


Resolution of Licensing Dispute


A major textile manufacturer improperly copied and utilized an original and registered design of a well known home products designer/television personality.  Under threat of an injunction to halt sales of the infringing products in stores nationwide, the textile company agreed to licensing and use terms to the benefit of BCH's client.  The resolution -- secured without scorched earth tactics -- allowed the company and our client to benefit from continued sales and even to work on other projects thereafter.

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