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The attorneys at Buckley Christopher & Hensel are seasoned trial counsel who practice before all state and federal  courts in Georgia.  Our lawyers also handle administrative and regulatory hearings including workers' compensation and employment proceedings.  At BCH, we measure success not only in the numerous verdicts and rulings we have secured at trials and hearings throughout the state and nationally, but also in the long term relationships we form with our clients.  Our lawyers develop and execute action plans designed to obtain favorable verdicts, judgments, settlements, and appellate rulings, even in cases where liability initially seems clear in a world of inflated plaintiff expectations.  Let our consistent, principled, time tested approach work for you.

Timothy J. Buckley III
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Eric J. O'Brien



Kelly L. Christopher



Margaret C. (MC) Yates



Taylor W. Hensel



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Our friend and colleague, Maria Demos, passed away in 2019.  Maria had an infectious spirit that she shared with everyone and was loved by our clients and business associates.  She served as operations director for the firm for many years.  She retired from that position at the end of 2018.  After retiring, Maria focused even more on her true vocation of being a wonderful mother, wife and daughter.  Maria was dedicated, loving and rock solid for her children Johnny and Eleni, her husband, Nick, and her parents.  Each October, the firm remembers Maria and dedicates itself to supporting the fight against breast cancer.  We all miss her and continue to pray for her and her family and for all who are without her smile to brighten their lives.

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