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Practice Areas

General Casualty


Buckley Christopher's practice includes substantial experience in general casualty defense, such as matters involving premises liability defense, medical malpractice and nursing home defense, personal injury and automotive defense, dram shop defense, property owner defense and general negligence defense. The Firm represents insureds of most major carriers nationwide, self-insured companies, as well as local Georgia insurers.





Trial Strategies Reduce Damages


An admitted liability auto claim was tried in Fulton County by the firm.  Medical bills and lost wages were nearly $650,000 and the Plaintiff asked the jury for $1.5 million.  By using the treating physician’s deposition testimony to raise causation issues and successfully excluding testimony from Plaintiff’s expert witness, we secured a jury verdict of $84,000.


Non-Party Liability


A minor plaintiff was injured in a violent scuffle at a property with a long history of violent incidents.  Property management had significant exposure after it was discovered that they opted to discontinue use of security guards at the property before the attack.  By focusing on the fault to be attributed to the criminal assailants, we settled for less than 30% of the demand.


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