Arguable Probable Cause as to Any One Offense Defeats a § 1983 Malicious Prosecution Claim

In 2011, Sergeant Omar Paez, Sergeant Lyndean Peters, and Officer Yovany Diaz (“Appellees”) of the Golden Beach Police Department were arrested for fraudulently failing to report off-duty police work that would have required them to pay administrative fees. However, the charges were dropped three years later. They now allege the arresting officers violated their constitutional rights by intentionally omitting exonerating information from the affidavits that secured their arrest warrants. Paez v. Mulvey, 915 F.3d 1276 (11th Cir. 2019). On appeal, the issue presented to the court was whether the arrests violated the Fourth Amendment because of exculpatory information left out of the warrant af

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