City Director Used Discretion in Granting or Denying a Business License and was Entitled to Sovereig

P&J Beverage Corporation d/b/a Forrest Road Package Store’s (“P&J”) filed a lawsuit seeking a writ of mandamus to prevent the City of Columbus (the “City”) from issuing an alcoholic beverage license to The Bottle Shop, LLC, (the “Shop”) and then seeking to revoke the license if issued. Consol. Gov't of Columbus, Georgia v. P&J Beverage Corp., 344 Ga. App. 482 (2018). P&J learned that the Shop applied for an alcoholic beverage license on April 24, 2016, at a location within 600 feet of The Growing Room, Inc., which P&J claimed was a school. Based on that location, P&J alleged that the issuance of an alcoholic beverage license would violate City ordinances. In addition, P&J alleged it “will

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