Georgia Supreme Court Extends Landowner Protection Under the RPA Even if Some Individuals Were Charg

The Georgia Supreme Court recently granted certiorari to determine whether a landowner would be shielded from liability by the Recreational Property Act (“RPA”) where that landowner charged a fee to some people who used the landowner's property for recreational purposes, but did not charge a fee to the injured party who used the property for the same such purposes. Mayor of Garden City v. Harris, 2018 WL 575988 (Ga. 2018). On November 10, 2012, Willie and Kristy Harris took their six-year-old daughter, Riley, to a youth football game at a facility owned and maintained by the City of Garden City (the “City”). Willie and Kristy each paid the required $2 admission fee; however, the Harris' w

Sovereign Immunity Available to Local Government Officers or Employees Extends to Sheriff’s Deputies

On the evening of March 31, 2014, Steven Davis was driving through Calhoun, Georgia, when he stopped at an intersection making a left-hand turn. When Davis began turning his truck, Gordon County Deputy Sheriff Richard Morrison, who was driving a county-owned vehicle on his way to the sheriff's office's evidence room, attempted to pass him and collided into his driver's side door. As a result of the collision, Davis suffered injuries to his back, neck, leg, and shoulder. Davis then sued Morrison and Gordon County (the “County”), alleging that his injuries were caused by Morrison's negligent driving of a county-owned vehicle. Davis v. Morrison, 2018 WL 796323 (Ga. Ct. App. 2018). Morrison and

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