Eleventh Circuit Identifies Limits to Qualified Immunity for a Search Related to an Arrest Warrant

On February 7, 2011, around 11:00 p.m., Deputy Kevin Casal and Deputy Teresa Pardinas, arrived at 4179 Valley Brook Road to serve an arrest warrant for Wesley Brand. Deputy Casal walked up to the house and told Mrs. Brand “he had a warrant for Wesley Brand, a 27–year–old white male.” Mrs. Brand was confused by the description because Wesley was 17 (not 27); was mixed race (not white); and had begun to live as a woman (not male). Despite the confusion, Deputy Casal attempted to enter the Brands’ house to search for Wesley. Mrs. Brand refused to let Deputy Casal come into the house because he didn't have a search warrant and because, she said, Wesley was already outside waiting for Deputy C

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